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Start Timing starts at the exit from Warwick Castle, Warwick

The Run leaves the grounds of Warwick Castle, heads through Warwick, towards Leek Wootton via Hill Wootton Road and then right on to the Warwick Road. There it turns left at the Anchor pub, and heads up Woodcote Lane. At the end of Woodcote Lane it turns right into Rouncil Lane and heads into Kenilworth. Turn left from Rouncil Lane into Rounds Hill and then into John O’Gaunt Road, Fishponds Road, Castle Road and left into Brays Car Park to finish inside the grounds of Kenilworth Castle.

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Finish inside Kenilworth Castle

Cut-Off times: We are required by the Police to clear roads after set times. You will be out of time and regarded as a normal pedestrian if you have not reached the Anchor Public House in Leek Wootton by 10.20am, Roundshill by 10.45am and the Finish by 11.15am. This is equivalent to just over 3mph, walking pace. Marshals & Signage will be progressively removed. Slow participants are encouraged to use the pavement and the courtesy vehicle at the back of the Run, if necessary. Please be aware that there are safety issues if you continue so PLEASE take care if you personally decide to continue   and bear in mind that some if not all marshals may have left their post and there could also be traffic. After 11.15am the magnetic mats may have been taken up and you will not have a recorded time.

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