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FAQs and Race Info


Post-Registration Changes

Log in to make changes

To make changes to your registration details:

  1. Return to the “Enter Race” page and click the relevant link depending on whether you registered as a club runner or non-club runner.
  2. On the second page click the “Register Now” button.
  3. On the next page click the “View or Change Your Existing Registration” link.
  4. On the next page you can log back in to system, using the e-mail address and the password that you chose when you registered  (If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address and then click “Forgotten Your Password?”) 
  5. Click on the “personal information” link – you will then be able to edit your details. (If you entered more than one runner, then you will be able to choose which one to change.)
  6. Make sure you follow the process until it confirms that your changes have been saved.
Forgotten your password

If you have forgotten the password, then use the “Forgot Your Password?” link and the system will send you a new one by e-mail.

Change of address – postal address, e-mail address

You can change your postal address prior to us sending out the Race Packs. That will be a few weeks before the event. The cut off date, for making changes, will be advised via e-mail and advertised on this site nearer the run date. If your address changes after the cut off date, please make your own arrangements to have your post forwarded.

You can change your e-mail address at any time.

To change your postal address and/or your e-mail address, log back in to system (see log in to make changes above), and make the changes to your address(es).

If you have forgotten the e-mail address that you used when you registered, or you think you may have entered it incorrectly, in which case you will not have had a confirmation e-mail, then please contact the organisers.

Register as a member of a team

If you have registered on your own as a Non-Club Runner, you can become part of a team, if you wish.

To register as a member of a team, log back in to system (see log in to make changes above), and make the changes to your team name

NOTE. It is essential that you spell the team name in exactly the same way as the others in your team did in their registrations.

Change from Non-Club Runner to Club Runner – joined a running club

If, since registering for the Run as a Non-Club Runner, you have joined a running club, then you can register again as a Club Runner, if you wish, and if places are still available.

If you register again, you will pay again, because registration fees are not refundable. However, you can transfer your Non-Club runner registration to someone else via the substitution process, but only until a few weeks before the event, after which substitutions will not be allowed.

You can transfer your registration to someone else, by logging back into the system (see log in to make changes above), and following the substitution process.

Change of Running Club

If, since registering for the Run, you have changed Running Clubs, then you can change your Club details.

To change your Club details, log back in to system (see log in to make changes above), and update your running Club details.


Cannot run, race cancellation – fee refunds, transfer place in Run

If you cannot run on the day, you CAN transfer your place in the Run (i.e. your registration) to either

  1.     someone else of your choice, or
  2.     someone else on the waiting list;

Registration fees are not refundable, even if the race is cancelled for any reason. If the race is cancelled, we will donate any surplus left (after relevant cost commitments have been paid) to various charitable causes.

To transfer your place in the run to someone else of your choice, log back into the system (see log in to make changes in the FAQs), and follow the official substitution process. If you wish, obtain the race application fee from them.

To transfer your place in the run to the person at the top of the waiting list, log back into the system (see log in to make changes in the FAQs), and cancel your entry, which will then be offered to the next person on the waiting list. You will not receive a refund.

Substitutions can be made on the day BUT you must hand your timing chip and number to the substitute runner who must then report to the information desk at the start.

If you give your race number and timing chip to someone else, without following the substitution process, then that person would NOT be covered by event insurance and would be personally liable if they were to cause an accident.

Further, if you are a club runner, and you give your race number to someone else without using the substitution process, then you would be in breach of UKA rules and could be banned from taking part in future recognised events.

The Course

Route. Distance markers

The Run starts inside Warwick Castle, Warwick.  The Run finishes inside Kenilworth Castle, Kenilworth.

Take a look at this map to see the route of the Run.

Kilometre markers will be displayed throughout the course.  Markers, which show the distance to the finish, will be displayed in the last 600m of the course.

Running conditions – running surface, gradients, traffic free, marshals

The majority of the course is over tarmac road surface.

It is a predominately flat course. There is an ascending incline as you leave Leek Wootton, which is the most significant hill on the course, followed by another, shallower incline as you approach Kenilworth.

The course will be traffic free. The roads along the route of the course will close to traffic at 8.50am. The roads will re-open to traffic, progressively, when it is safe to do so, as the field of runners passes over them.

Marshals will be stationed at all junctions and will indicate the route: you must obey their instructions.

Getting to the Start – parking and dropping off arrangements, late arrival

There are three public car parks, which are 20 minutes from the Start, at Warwick Castle, which participants can use.  There is minimal on-street parking near the Start.

Alternatively, participants can be dropped off at Warwick Castle’s Stratford Road car park.

Aim to arrive at the start by 8:45am at the latest. The Run will start at 9.00am.  Access from Warwick Castle’s Stratford Road car park to the Castle grounds will be closed at 8.45am. If you arrive after 8.45am, you will not be permitted to join the Run.

Facilities for Participants

Results, timing Chip, Race Pack, race number

Timing arrangements

Our results service is provided by FullonSport using timing chips, which automatically record your time when you cross the start and finish line. Fast and accurate results will be provided.

Your timing Chip and instructions on how to use it will be sent to you in a Race Pack.

It is essential that you keep your Chip in a safe place. If you lose or forget your Chip, it will NOT be replaced. Unless you wear your Chip as instructed you will NOT get a time or position in the Results list.

Race Pack

A Race Pack containing your Race Number, your timing Chip, entry tickets for Kenilworth Castle, and information about sponsors will be sent to you shortly before the Run. We will inform you, nearer the time of the Run, when the Race Packs will be despatched.


Start time. Last finish time

The Run starts at 9.00am.

If you arrive at Warwick Castle after 8.45am, when access to the Castle grounds from the Castle’s Stratford Road car park will be closed, you will NOT be permitted to join the Run.

The Run’s Finish line closes at 11.00am.

Changing/showering facilities

There are no showers or changing facilities available, you are advised to arrive ready to run.  There will however be portable toilets at the Start and Finish.

Kit transfer

Any kit, which a runner does not need whilst participating in the Run, will be taken in a plastic bag from the Start for them to collect at the Finish.  Each runner is responsible for writing their Race Number on a label, which is provided, and attaching it to their bag for identification purposes.

The kit deposit point is within Warwick Castle. The kit deposit point opens at 7.00am on race day; and closes at 8.50am.

The kit collection point is within Kenilworth Castle.


There will be portable toilets at the Start and Finish, in addition to a limited number of public toilets at Warwick Castle and Kenilworth Castle.

Drinking water

Water Stations are at approximately 2 mile intervals along the race route, and at the finish. Water will be available at all Water Stations either in bottles or cups.

Medical assistance

A medical back-up will be available throughout the course.  Paramedics on bicycles and paramedics in cars will be in attendance, as will first aid teams provided by St John’s Ambulance.

It is essential that you write your name and address AND details of any relevant medical conditions on the back of your race number along with a note of who to contact in case of an emergency. It is advisable to give a telephone number.

You must ensure that you are medically fit to undertake this event and that you are adequately covered by your own insurance.

After the Race

Cannot finish race – courtesy cars

There will be a communications system round the course and courtesy cars available with phone links to race HQ to take you to the finish area.

Race medal. T-shirt

You will receive your race medal and T-shirt with a goody bag at the end of the race.

Kit collection

The collection point for bags of kit, which have been transported from the Start, is within Kenilworth Castle.

Getting back to the Start

Coaches and buses will take runners back to the start line in Warwick. The coaches and buses will be parked outside Kenilworth Castle.

Facilities for Spectators

Parking near the Finish

There are two public car parks and a Race car park, which are 10-15 minutes from the Finish, at Kenilworth Castle, which spectators can use.  There is minimal on-street parking near the Finish.

Watching the finish – inside the Castle, outside the Castle

There is a limit on the number of spectators inside the walls of Kenilworth Castle. Each runner will receive a ticket which entitles two spectators to enter Kenilworth Castle, free of charge, to watch the finish of the race. Entry is valid on race day up to 10.00am.

Castle Road is a good point at which to cheer runners as they approach Kenilworth Castle.